God’s Covenant

The Word of God the Bible and the Covenant between God and His People

Review Reading the Bible: “Blest are We” grade 4 pp.18-19 ( please use a bible book) God’s Covanent p45-47

“I will be your God if you will be My People”

Try this quiz: http://www.bemydisciples.com/grades/3/chapters/1

Story of Noah/God’s Covenant

Student Reads : Bible: Genesis 6:5-19, Genesis 7, Genesis 8, Genesis 9:9-17-. http://www.usccb.org/bible/genesis/6


 Quiz: http://www.bemydisciples.com/grades/2/chapters/5

We told the story of Abraham and Issac.

Abraham and Isaac Puzzle

Our Church Leaders

Pope Francis Attends His Weekly Audience In St Peter's Square

Our Pope Francis

Bishop Ronald Gainer

Our Bishop Ronald Gainer of Harrisburg

Fr. William Forrey, Our Pastor

Fr. Donald Bender

Fr. Donald Bender, Our Parochial Vicar

Saint Patrick Shrine Church on Pomfret Street in Carlisle

Saint Patrick Shrine Church on Pomfret Street in Carlisle


Inside the Shrine Church

Saint Patrick Church on Marsh Drive

Saint Patrick Church on Marsh Drive

Inside Saint Patrick Church at Marsh Drive

Inside Saint Patrick Church at Marsh Drive


dsc06194Missionaries of the Poor in Jamaica. Mrs. McGinnis and Rachel will be going on a Mission trip to help the homeless, handicapped, and abandoned of Kingston Jamaica. There are children, adults and elderly.

Father Meluskey of our parish, died a couple years ago. He always wanted to send beautiful pictures of Jesus and Mary to the poor people. Before he died he gave me a large box of different note cards, Mass cards and Christmas card with pictures of Jesus and Mary on them. He wanted the Children of Saint Patrick Church to cut them out and put a piece of yarn on them so the poor people who live in Jamaica could hang them on their bed on in their small homes.  These poor people have very little space and possessions. 6-20-2011-462He thought that a small beautiful picture might be appreciated and be an honored picture of God’s Mercy.

I would like to ask you to help with this project by adding yarn to these pictures that have been cut out. I will take them to Jamaica when I leave in 2 weeks.

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