Advent and Reconciliation

Vigil Mass for the Immaculate Conception is December 7.

December 14 is Reconciliation

Dec. 14 is the Penance service. We went over the procedure for the confessions and Act of Contrition.

“Blest are We” grade 4 chapter 14 pp.163-166, 168- 169

Because there is sin in the world, we live on earth and someday we will die. But God provides us a way to save ourselves/our souls. In the Old Testament, they sacrificed an animal or food on an altar for a person’s sins. In the New Testament, Jesus is our sacrifice on the cross. We also offer the ”sacrifice of the Mass” for the forgiveness of sins.

An Examination of Conscience for Children

by Fr. Edward Filardi, Gaithersburg, Maryland


Order of Confession and Act of Contrition: “Blest are We” grade 4 chapter 14 p. 269


Below is a quiz. If you highlight “click with the mouse” the space after the “-” the answers will be revealed.

1. What is Sin?

offense against or failure to love God and our neighbor

2. What is the meaning of word CONVERSION?

Turning one’s life around, away from sin and back to Christ

3. Which sacrament celebrates our renewed conversion?
The sacrament of penance or reconciliation
4. What is penance?

An action to help us make up for the harm done by our sin

5. What are the three traditional practices of Lent?

Prayer, fasting, and alms-giving; since Vatican II, study of our faith and of the word of God is also stressed

6. What is prayer?

Raising one’s mind and heart to God

7. In whose name should we offer our prayers?


8. What can we abstain from other than meat?

Sinful thoughts, words, and actions

9. What are alms?

Money given to the poor

10. What do we call the charitable actions by which we help others?

Works of mercy


Quiz on Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick:

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