Penance Service and Christmas Story

Penance Service

Advent Wreath lighting of the candle and Bless our Nativity:

Advent CCD  Advent wreath & prayer,

Advent-Prayers1 Advent-prayers2



Bring our gifts to the manger:

(As a CCD Class, we will bring whatever we have collected but anyone can donate to this cause.)


5859hSaint Ignatius of Loyola Military Ministry
Our Parish will dedicate the GIFTS TO THE MANGER program to benefit the Carlisle Family Life Center (previously called Birthright). What better Joy than to have your family and children bring a gift to the Baby Jesus in the Manger that will go to a needy family who has gifted a new life into our world. Please consider purchasing one, or several, of these items and placing them in the Manger located inside the
front of the church on Marsh Drive or in the baskets at the prayer railing of the Shrine Church. This drive will take place during the season of Advent and continue through Christmas day. Thank you for your generosity.
Similac Formula (powdered), Girl’s Clothing in sizes 0 to 6 months, Diaper Wipes, Pacifiers or Teethers, Baby Toys & Board Books, Crib Sheets, Receiving Blankets, Crib Blankets (30-inch X 30-inch), Hooded Towels & Washcloths, Small to Medium Diaper Bags, Toiletries – shampoo, soap, lotion.


Weekend Mass: December 17/18
Parishioners are all asked to bring to one of the Masses on this weekend their statue of the Baby Jesus that is to be placed in their family Nativity crèche. At the end of Mass the priest will extend a blessing over the images of the Infant Christ Child as a sign of Christ’s central place in our homes.




Joseph was searching for a place to stay in Bethlehem…

Matthew ch.1. NT: Luke Ch. 1, 2. Birth of John the Baptist, Birth of Christ, Christmas

The Visitation and the Magnificat

The Birth of Christ



page 245 “Blest Are We”

  1. Time to remember: Jesus is the promised Savior, He is the Light of the World!
    We remember Jesus in the Christmas candles and Christmas lights.

    • God promised a savior from the Family of King David, (the Old Testament). David was from Bethlehem. Read the Story of David from “Bible Stories” by Sister Anna Louise
  2. Time to believe: Jesus is the third person in the Trinity and he is God’s Son!
  3. Time to celebrate: Holy Birthday Party!

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