Last Supper

Jesus gives His final word before the Last Supper: Blest Are We book: Chapter 11 Pages 130-133,136-137 part A. The Commandments/the Greatest Commandment pages: 272-273

transfiguration4th Luminous Mystery: The Transfiguration NT Matt 17:1-13. Pharisees question about temple tax: Matt 17:24-27,


Palm Sunday (Jesus’s entry in Jerusalem): Matt 21:1-14,


Jesus washes the Disciples’ feet. John 13:1-17washing_feet

Jesus Gives Us the Eucharist. The Last Supper/ Celebration of the Passover Seder Meal. Mark 14:17-26



Footwashing and Holy Order Quiz:

Judas Betrays Christ. Luke 22:39-53

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