Letter to parents

Welcome to St. Patrick CCD Grade 4 with Mr. Rios and Mrs. McGinnis!

Our website’s address is www.hickorytown.com/ccd4/ You may check the website for make-up work.  I will post weekly the readings, worksheets, video clips and other assignments for CCD.  We use the website on the smart board every night of CCD.

Mrs. McGinnis and Mr. Rios CCD teachers for 4th grade

Mrs. McGinnis and Mr. Rios
CCD teachers for 4th grade

Mr. Rios(4A) and Mrs. McGinnis(4B) have been team-teaching Fourth grade CCD for 5 years. We have a lot of fun and we are able to work together to reinforce the teaching points. We use the “Blest Are We 4″ series published by Pearson Education, Inc.©2008. The website for their series is http://www.blestarewe.com.

We try to incorporate the church year holy days and seasons into our curriculum so we jump around in the book. We are very pleased to share our faith with your children. We look forward to a wonderful year.cover4lg

Mrs. McGinnis Email address is: emilie@hickorytown.com

Mr. Rios Email address: eriosguam@comcast.net

For Religious Education general information: http://saintpatrickchurch.org/ccd.php P.S.  Thanks.

“I have enjoyed being a catechist for the Sunday Children’s Liturgy of the Word from 2003-2008. This is my eighth year as a CCD teacher. I am a mother of five –my children’s ages range from 16-26. I am married to Jim The Computer Guy. I have a couple jobs outside of motherhood. I am a Respiratory Therapist at Carlisle Regional Hospital. Other times, you may find me at my computer designing websites. Hence, the development of this web site!” – Mrs. Emilie McGinnis