Tour the church

We said a special prayer for our loved ones, and lit a candle for them.  We saw the Stations of the Cross, the Tabernacle,the Sanctuary Lamp, the Baptismal Font and the Holy Oils: (Oil of Catechumens which is used to bless and strengthen those preparing for baptism; the Oil of the Sick with which the priest brings Jesus’ strength and healing to those who are joined with the suffering Christ in serious illness; and the Sacred Chrism which is used in celebrating the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders)  We looked behind the sanctuary at the vesting room, at the altar stone under the altar cloth and inside the confessionals.


Inside the Church

Inside Church instructions


Advent Wreath

Christmas pp. 215-216
1. Time to remember: Jesus is the promised Savior, He is the Light of the World!
We remember Jesus in the Christmas candles and Christmas lights.
2. Time to believe: Jesus is the third person in the Trinity and he is God’s Son!
3. Time to celebrate: Holy Birthday Party!
We watched part of the movie “The Nativity.” I think it gave a visual idea of what it really was like for Joseph and Mary. I narrated the movie as it progressed so that the students could put the events from the bible into context.
We stopped just as Joseph was searching for a place to stay in Bethlehem…

Advent and CCD Penance Service

Advent CCD Penance Service Advent wreath & prayer,

**Sunday, December 8, 2013 Children giving to Children: 9 am and 11am Masses Bring a wrapped gift (with a tag indicating what it is) to give to another child that is in need.

Advent-Prayers1 Advent-prayers2

Online_Advent_Tree idea for home.

Advent pp. 213-214
Advent—a celebration of the three comings of Christ:
1. History – Birth of Jesus 2007 years ago.
2. Present – Mystery-
a. In our families, in our church, in our teachers, etc.
b. In Sacraments through the Holy Spirit: Eucharist, Reconciliation, Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony and Holy Orders
3. Future—Majesty- The second coming at the end of time as a King
(referenced in the Book of Revelations)
Jesus’ comings in history, mystery, and majesty!

Conversion quiz

  1. What is Sin?
  2. What is the meaning of word CONVERSION?
  3. Which sacrament celebrates our renewed conversion?
  4. What is penance?
  5. What are the three traditional practices of Lent?
  6. What is prayer?
  7. In whose name should we offer our prayers?
  8. What can we abstain from other than meat?
  9. What are alms?
  10. What do we call the charitable actions by which we help others?


  1. An offense against or failure to love God and our neighbor
  2. Turning one’s life around, away from sin and back to Christ
  3. The sacrament of penance or reconciliation
  4. An action to help us make up for the harm done by our sin
  5. Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving; since Vatican II, study of our faith and of the word of God is also stressed
  6. Raising one’s mind and heart to God
  7. Jesus
  8. Sinful thoughts, words, and actions
  9. Money given to the poor
  10. Works of mercy